Scientific publications and studies show more and more that sport makes it possible to fight against disease both physically and morally.
While the treatments reduce you physically and sometimes physiologically, the physical activity practiced counteracts the weight.

Little information, support and specific programs are available. However, the recommendation of the practice of physical activity in oncology seems to be developing more and more.

Some even speak of "triple therapy" during treatment by associating sport with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

We are convinced that it is essential to have a physical activity to support the treatments, to heal better, to rebuild, to reduce recurrences and increase the chances of healing. In summary to be, stay or regain health.


The founder of the PLAY AGAIN association fought and beat cancer by refusing to stop playing tennis during his treatments. (2019 - 2022) After this complicated experience, but faced with the benefits of sport, both physically and psychologically, he decided to communicate, help, encourage and continue sport at a high level even after his remission.

PLAY AGAIN is therefore positioned as a non-profit association of general interest to help the greatest number of people to recover or preserve their health by practicing a regular sport activity. Your donations are eligible for tax exemption, we are volunteers and open to all. It is now time to share this experience and help others.


Guillaume, the founder of PLAY AGAIN, is an ITF Pro Tennis player (best Senior world ranking: 55)
French number 1 in the FFT veterans ranking in 2018