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Adrien, 48 years old 

Member supported by PLAY AGAIN

“ Being self employed’ I couldn’t continue to train during my illness without the PLAY AGAIN financial assistance. This is really important to break the isolation and for my morale "

Victor, 52 years old 

Member supported by PLAY AGAIN

“ Chemotherapy causes a loss of appetite causing muscle wasting accelerated by reduced daily activity. I decided, with the help of PLAY AGAIN to fight against this as much as possible by continuing to have regular physical activity in a gym "

Vincent, 54 years old 

Member supported by PLAY AGAIN

“ I am convinced that cardio and training sessions will allow me to maintain my physical condition and quickly recover ideal mobility "

Jean-Baptiste 42 years old

Tennis Pro ITF player Singles Best Ranking N°9

“ The treatment of serious illnesses is often heavy for those who are victims. It often requires going beyond what you think are your limits. Sport and competition also allow this but above all to understand that everything is possible. It is very important to keep hope, to set goals and to believe in them. Continuing the sport during the fight against the disease is necessarily good for faster healing. In any case, I strongly believe in it! "

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