Honorary members


They support and encourage our PLAY AGAIN association and our causes. Sometimes a lot more.

Faisal KAYAL

Cancer survivor

Cancer survivor ! Went through it all by Living Strong With A Smile. A publisher and writer of a novel in Arabic named "4" of June", which reflect the struggle of young man having to deal with life after his mother passing from Colon Cancer in 2007, when he was just 19 years old !

Professor Stephane BENOIST

Digestive Oncologist Surgeon

For more than 20 years particularly involved in research for the treatment of colorectal cancer within the Federation for Research in Surgery, of which he was President for more than 10 years


Tennis Pro player

519th player in the world at his best ATP ranking in singles and French No. 49. 23 years old, playing on the ITF Pro circuit and ATP Challenger tour. Winner of $25K in singles and 9 doubles titles in the same categories

Doctor Cédric CLEOPHAX

Medical Resuscitator and Sports Exercise Physician

Hospital Practitioner, Sports medicine performs prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports-related illnesses. The objective is to maintain or improve the physical condition of athletes of all ages and all levels


Tennis player and Ambassador for FFT

An extraordinary tennis champion, born in Iran, this Franco-Iranian player continues to perform in exhibitions almost everywhere. He participates in the Roland Garros legends tournament of which he is the great "craftsman". Conquering all hearts with his generosity and his mastery of the racket and balls, he is now a PLAY AGAIN Ambassador and support our association.

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